Help us raise $50k for Clinical Trials

Friends and families of girls with Rett syndrome need your help. We're aiming to raise $50,000 this month for clinical trials.

Please join us by DANCING or DONATING. Do a dance for someone who can't!



  • The Ella Foard Foundation for Rett Syndrome
  • Taylor and Emma dancing for Kelly
  • The O’Donnell family Dancing for Cammy
  • Stacey Cohan Dancing for Mackenzie Noecker
  • Lake Forest Community High School Dancing for Cammy Can
  • LFHS dancing for Cammy Can
  • Boys & Girls Club of Cincinnati Dances for Kelly - Part 3
  • Carroll Manor Elementary School Dancing for Alicia
  • Dancing for Tayla
  • Irish Dancing for Rett Syndrome
  • Madysen Dancing For Her Friend Kira
  • Cammy Can! #Dance4rett
  • Boys & Girls Club of Cincinnati Dances for Kelly - Part 2
  • Boys & Girls Club of Cincinnati Dances for Kelly - Part 1
  • Hans Christian Andersen Málaga #dance4rett
  • Bugalú dance for Luz Viviana
  • #dance4rett ~ Project Dance McHenry
  • AJ Tesler dancing with his daughter Maggie
  • Second group dancing for their silent angel April
  • Dancing for their silent angel April
  • University of Indianapolis Dance Team
  • Jennifer Ross and Class Dance4Rett
  • Relativity BellyDance dancing for Rett Syndrome!
  • Uptown Funk #dance4rett by Gretta
  • Nico Dancing for Emma
  • Brody Dances for Emma
  • Dickey Family Dances for Claire, Izzie and Erin
  • Gems Diamonds in Honor of Bree
  • Vanessa Hernandez #Dance4Rett
  • Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience - Boston Children's Hospital
  • Patrick and Keegan dance for Jilly
  • Hannah #Dance4Rett
  • #Dance4Rett Todd Tremblay
  • #Dance4Rett in Honor of Tabby
  • #dance4rett we challenge Evan and Ryan Bessey!!
  • Anders busts a move
  • Girls #dance4Rett - They challenge Connor Franta, Boston Bruins Mascot - Blades, and the ASM Team!
  • #Dance4rett - McMurray
  • Dance4rett Asha Aunty
  • Dance4rett - Achala Aunty
  • Dance4rett Lata Datta
  • Josie Dancing for Jorja #Dance4Rett
  • Josie Dancing for Jorja
  • Kacie & Karlie dance 4 Emma
  • Patrick dances 4 Emma
  • Max dancing for his sister Sydney #Dance4Rett
  • The Charles Family Dancing for Berenice - Rodez, France
  • Sejal and her Dadi and Dada #Dance4rett
  • Brianna and Hannah dance 4 Emma
  • #dance4rett - Ryan dances 4 Emma
  • Ethan dancing for his sister, Emma #Dance4Rett
  • Rina and Arya #Dance4Rett
  • Dance4Rett by Anokhavideo1234
  • Emory Warner dancing for her sister, Jaidyn #Dance4Rett
  • Alison does Hokey Pokey #Dance4Rett
  • Harvard's ART Institute / Cast of Light Princess
  • McGregor Family Uptown Funk Dance4Rett
  • Laurie Wells #Dance4Rett
  • The Jordans #Dance4Rett
  • Dance for Corinne, so that someday she can dance.
  • A dance for my sister Claire
  • Kira's Dance #dance4rett
  • Haley's Dance Class Dances for Rett syndrome
  • Simran and Sejal

Donate to Rett research

100% of your donations will go to fund scientific research for Rett syndrome, through's Research to Reality campaign.

Share YOUR dance!

Film your favorite dance. Upload it to Youtube or Vimeo. Share it on social media including a #dance4rett hashtag and Ask 3 friends to do the same.