Here are a few of our favorites. Make sure to use #Dance4Rett when you post yours so we can find it!

  • Simran and Sejal
  • Haley's Dance Class Dances for Rett syndrome
  • Kira's Dance #dance4rett
  • A dance for my sister Claire
  • Dance for Corinne, so that someday she can dance.
  • The Jordans #Dance4Rett
  • Laurie Wells #Dance4Rett
  • McGregor Family Uptown Funk Dance4Rett
  • Harvard's ART Institute / Cast of Light Princess
  • Alison does Hokey Pokey #Dance4Rett
  • Emory Warner dancing for her sister, Jaidyn #Dance4Rett
  • Dance4Rett by Anokhavideo1234

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